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Andrew Mayne Mind FX free magic book, you would love to have.

The full tile is: “MIND FX- Magic & Mentalism Gone Mad“.

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Anyway, let’s find out more about this 46-page PDF e-book by Andrew Mayne.

It is packed with offbeat eleven (11) effects which you can use them in your next stage magic performance.

Free Andrew Mayne MIND FX Magic

1. The Spitball Catch:
This is a simplified version of the infamous catching bullets between ones teeth. It is performed with spitballs and straws. You catch a signed spitball between your teeth.

2. Bowled Over:
Get a member of your audience to select the color of his choice. Then you pull out an actual bowling ball of the selected color out from a briefcase.

The second part of the effect is you ask another person to name the card he was thinking of. When he announces the name of the card, you turn the bowling ball around to reveal the card he has just named.

3. License To Kill:
This is a mental trick which involves predicting car license number plate.

4. Airborne Pyschometry:
You bring five people up on stage and then hand each of them a piece of paper, a crayon, and a clipboard.

Get them to draw pictures on a paper. Ask them to fold them up their drawn paper like paper airplanes. Now you blindfold yourself.

The effect is you are able to to throw the paper airplane to the person who drew it while blindfolded.

5. Magazine:
This is what magicians called it a book test. You flip through through the pages of the selected magazine, until the spectator tells you to stop.

The spectator is asked to memorize whatever is on the stopped at page. Then you open up an envelope to reveal a huge collage of ads and articles.

The spectator is asked to answer either “yes” or “no” if the item they are thinking of is in the collage.

You then proceed to narrow down the area in which the spectator’s selection is until he is able to point out exactly what it is the spectator is thinking of.

Finally you turn the collage around to reveal the thought of item in a blown up picture.

6. Absolute Magic:
You have ten cups 9 of water and 1 cup of vodka. You get someone to mix them up while your back is turned.

What you do is you successfully pick and drink all the cups of water and leave the cup of vodka untouched.

7. Mr. Big Wheel:
blindfolded, you can still successfully pedal one of those big kid little cars, in and around all of the spectators without hitting any of them.

8. Coffin Nails:
This is an explosive effect, so to speak. You pull a package of cigarettes out of your pocket.

Among all the cigarettes, one of them is loaded with an explosive device. You get the spectators to mix them up. And you manage to choose the one that doesn’t explode.

9. Inflatable:
Get a spectator to choose any one of the colored balloons. Then ask him to make a fist around the balloon and put it back in to the bag. The spectator then puts the balloon back with the rest of the balloons in the bag and they are dropped into the box.

After the spectator names the color of the balloon, the lid of the box is lifted and a helium balloon of that color floats out of the box.

10. The Whoopie Cushion Of Doom:
This is basically a more of a prank than a magic trick. Inflate a Whoopee Cushion. Then place it into one of nine identical shopping bags. The bags are mixed up then placed on to identical chairs

Get eight volunteers. Each person is asked to choose any of the nine chairs and sit on it. The last one will end up with a farting sound!

11. Anatomy:
You get a spectator to choose a card with internal human body parts on it. Then you reveal the selection by having that human organ pulled from a bag that has been in plain view the whole time.

Mind FX: Magic and Mentalism Gone Mad
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