Free Esquire Magazine January 1934

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From this second issue, Esquire started using the new tagline, “The Magazine For Men” until the July 1975 copy, with the young laughing Woody Allen on the cover.

free Esquire Magazine january 1934

Another highlight from this second issue, is the ESQUIRE cover started featuring this big-bulgy-eyed character with a walrus mustache called Esky.

esky-esquire mascot

This Esky character was on the covers until November 1961 issue, when his face began dotting the “i” in the Esquire logo.

In the February 1978 issue, the dapper old gentleman with a top hat and popping eyes Esky made his final appearance.

Check out this 1995 book titled “Esky: The Early Years At Esquire” by Hugh Merrill.

Elmer Simms Campbell Visual Artist

This kitschy mascot “Esky” was created by African American cartoonist Elmer Simms Campbell.

simms campbell esquire cartoonist

Campbell became the first syndicated African American cartoonist, and he was also the first black illustrator for The Saturday Evening Post.

You might like to read the article “The Art of the Post: The First Successful Black Magazine Illustrator“.

King Features published his comic strip, Cuties, in more than 140 newspapers.

Elmer Simms Campbell Cuties

You can view Cuties cartoons here.

Sam Berman Caricaturist

While the Esky character is by Elmer Simms Campbell, but the sculpture of Esky and the cover design are by renowned caricaturist Sam Berman.

Esquire Magazine January 1934

One of Berman’s popular work is the 1947 set of 56 caricatures of popular radio stars NBC’s promotion, titled “The NBC Parade of Stars as Seen by Sam Berman: As Heard over Your Favorite NBC Station“.

Among them are: Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Milton Berle, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope.

sam berman nbc caricatures

You can also find Berman’s artworks on the walls of the Café Society club in Greenwich Village.

Berman also designed film titles, which include the 1937 screwball comedy movie “Nothing Sacred“.

carole lombard caricature

You can view the opening title and credits of “Nothing Sacred” featuring caricatures of Carole Lombard, Fredric March, Charles Winninger, Walter Connolly, and the supporting cast over here.

You can find out more about Sam Berman and view many of caricature artworks over in American cartoonist and illustrator Drew Friedman’s blog.

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Free Esquire Magazine January 1934

On page 13, Esquire solicits feedback from its readers’ response about a controversial story which it would like to publish.

The title of the article is “Three Characters In Search Of A Magazine That Is Unhamperd By The Old Taboos“.

free Esquire magazine 1934

The story is “A Good Job Gone” by the Negro author Langston Hughes.

It is about an affair between an upper-class white New Yorker and a black woman he met in Harlem.

This story was published on the April 1934 issue.

This second issue of free Esquire January 1934 is again filled with fabulous articles by Ernest Hemingway, French author Paul Morand, music critic Pitts Sanborn and others.

Among the 10 fictions featured in this free Esquire magazine January 1934, I love “The watcher” by British writer Thomas Burk

Thomas Burke Author Limehouse Nights

This grim story of a burglar in shady London‘s Limehouse district is one of the eighteen haunting tales of Burke’s 1935 book “Night-Pieces“.

Night-Pieces by Thomas Burke

Here are free popular novels by Thomas Burke which you should check them out:

Twinkletoes Thomas Burke

Twinkletoes: A Tale Of Limehouse By Thomas Burke
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Limehouse Nights Thomas Burke

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More Limehouse Nights Thomas Burke

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The song book of Quong Lee of Limehouse

The Song Book Of Quong Lee Of Limehouse By Thomas Burke
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There is another fiction which might fascinate you titled “The Old Pirate” by French author Pierre Mille aka “French Kipling“.

Free Esquire Magazine 1934

Pierre Mille co-wrote with Celia de Vilyars the French play “L’Angoisse“.

This mystery thriller is about an eccentric sculptor who holds a séance to find his wife’s killer.

British film director, writer and producer Vernon Campbell Sewell bought the film rights of this play.

Interestingly, Campbell filmed it four different versions: The Medium (1934), Latin Quarter (1945), Ghost Ship (1952) and House of Mystery (1961).

You can watch three versions of his films below.

The 1945 version “Latin Quarter” was also shown under the title “Frenzy“.

frenzy movie 1945

Watch the 1945 movie “Frenzy” (Latin Quarter) here.

ghost ship movie 1952

Ghost Ship” can be viewed here.

House Of Mystery 1961

House of Mystery” (1961) is over here.

Besides the collection of articles and stories, you find lots of humorous cartoons, humor writings, fashion tips and beautifully-drawn illustrations.

Free Esquire Magazine January 1934
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