Imperial Vase Mystery Revealed And Demystify

Find out the secret of the Imperial Vase Mystery by Magic Wagon revealed based on my simple assumption and casual observation.

This is what I think how this close up penetration trick is done.

Anyway, my thinking outside the box theory of this close-up magic trick could be wrong.

It is all derived from just watching the promotional YouTube video clips by Magic Wagon.

Disclaimer: I do not own this Imperial Vase Mystery by Magic Wagon.

Imperial Vase Mystery Revealed

This is the effect:

The performer displays an ornate cabinet with a front cover, an equally overly ornate vase and a wand, together with four brass blades.

Firstly, he removes the front cover showing it it is empty.

Then he replaces the cover and puts the vase inside the cabinet.

Next, he starts inserting the four solid brass blades through the cabinet from side to side and front to back.

Now, he pushes the solid wand through holes on the sides of the cabinet, apparently penetrating through the vase inside.

He removes the four blades and also the front cover which he let it rest on a wooden stand.

Mysteriously, the vase is now gone.

Then he puts back the front cover to the cabinet.

After waving his wand over the cabinet, the vase magically reappears.

This is the Imperial Vase Mystery by Magic Wagon video:

There are two tricks here: penetration and disappearing & reappearing.

U F Grant Bamboo Chest And Glass

It is said this Imperial Vase Mystery is inspired by Ulysses Frederick Grant’s Bamboo Chest And Glass.

The effect is the same, but the secret working is very different.

For this prop by U F Grant, the glass is hidden at the left hand corner of the cabinet.

At 0:49 of this video, you can see the performer’s right hand sliding the secret compartment, moving the glass to the left corner.

Imperial Vase Mystery Revealed

Now let’s divulge and demystify the Imperial Vase Mystery magic trick.

As I have mentioned in my other magic/illusion revealed articles, I would take note of the prop or apparatus and how the magician handles it.

At the beginning, when he places the vase you can see it through the front top slit of the cabinet.

You can see the mouth-rim of the vase through the front top slit.

Imperial Vase Mystery

When he starts inserting the first blade through the bottom slit at the side of the cabinet, he needs his left hand to block the front slit at 1:36.

Closeup Mystery Vase Magic Wagon

It is because he doesn’t want you to see the vase topples down through the top front slit.

The blade is pushing the vase down and it falls down onto the blade itself.

After he has put in the first blade, you cannot see the top of the vase through the top slits (front and side) anymore.

Note: The black material behind the front top slit is missing.

That’s why you cannot see the mouth-rim of the vase through the front top narrow slit from this this video at 0:44.

Imperial Vase Lying Down Between Blades

Let’s continue…

Then he goes on to slot in the rest of the three blades.

In other words, the vase is now lying on its side within the four blades.

Disappearing Imperial Vase trick

If you look at the side of the cabinet, you can see there is ample space for the vase to recline on its side.

mystery vase magic

At 2:58 to 3:12, the performer has problem pushing the wand through the cabinet.

It is because the vase is lying down there.

After he has removed all the four blades, you can see there is no vase through the front top slit.

Then when he lifts up the front cover, sure enough the vase is not inside the cabinet.

Imperial Vase Behind Front Cover

So, where does the reclining vase go to?

It is lying horizontally right behind the front cover.

vase and cabinet magic trick

It is attached (most probably by a magnet) at the back of the front cover.

That’s why now he needs a stand to place the front cover.

Remember, at the onset of the trick, he doesn’t place the cover on the stand.

He should do it like as this video.

In fact, the stand is not even there in the first place.

Right from the start, he should use the stand to rest the front cover.

Anyway, after he puts the cover back, the vase is now safely inside the cabinet.

But you still cannot see the vase from the front slit, because it is below it.

To pick up the attached vase from the back of the cover, he has to block the top slit momentarily.

So that you cannot see where the vase is lifted up from.

vanishing Vase magic wagon

It is the same for this video; at 1:16, when he puts his right hand in to pick up the vase, his left hand pretending to hold onto the cabinet.

bamboo chest and glass idea

Actually he is blocking the front top slit, so you cannot see how his hand lifts up the “fallen” vase from the base of the cabinet.

This is the secret and mystique of the Imperial Vase Mystery revealed and explained.

Note: In the other two videos, they do not perform the vase disappearing & appearing sequence.

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