Keep Rodents From Car Engine That Works 2022

Find out how to keep rodents from car engine once and for all with this simple trick.

Recently, I was scampering around asking people for rat in car engine solution.

I also turned to the Internet to find out how to to stop rats or mice getting in the car engine bay.

Peppermint Oil Repel Mice Car Engine

One of the most popular suggestions is using peppermint oil to repel rodents, rats or mice from getting into car engine.

peppermint oil for rats in car engine

But does using peppermint oil to keep rodents from car engine really that effective?

The first method is applying peppermint oil to cotton balls and placed them strategically in your car engine compartment.

And the second way is by spraying the car engine with peppermint oil mixed with water.

I tried out both methods for a week, and sad to say they did not work at all.

The nasty rat or rats still invaded my car engine.

So, does peppermint oil work to get rid of rats, mice or rodents from car engine?

For my case, the peppermint oil DID NOT prevent mice from getting into the car engine compartment.

Then I found a simpler and really effective way to prevent these dirty pests from getting into in car engine.

If you are still scurrying around looking for ways to deter rats or rodents from getting into your car engine, then try it out.

My method of keeping rats or mice out of my car engine is simple, cheap and effective.

This is completely based on my own experimentation and experience.

Keep Rodents From Car Engine

Rats Under Hood Of Car

All this time, I do not have this annoying and dirty problem of having rats or mice getting into my car engine.

I did not realize rodents or rats were sneaking into my car engine compartment, until recently when I sent my car for servicing.

When the car mechanic lifted up the hood of my Hyundrix Matrix, to my horror, I saw a big piece of chicken bone lying on top of the plastic engine cover, as shown below:

rat in car engine solution

As you can see from the above photo, there were sticky smeared marks all over the car engine plastic cover, air-filter cover and the battery.

I also noticed chewing and scratch marks at the plastic parts of the car engine area.

mice chewing car wires

The foul smell of rats in the car engine area was nauseating.

Besides the unsightly mess and the disgusting stench, my main concern was the rats chewing on the wires.

After I had it all cleaned up, two nights later, the rat or rats came back and left smaller pieces of broken chicken bones on top of the fuse box cover.

Similarly, there were greasy smudges all over the plastic parts of the car engine.

Well, I suspected it was because of the irresponsible tenant who horded so-called recycled stuff where my car was parked. See photo below:

rat problem in car

Keep Rodents From Car Engine

So I was asking myself these two questions:

What can I put under the hood of my car to keep rats away?

How do I keep rats from entering my car engine?

I read through many of those similar tips and suggestions on how to keep rats out of your car engine from the Internet.

For a start, I did want to invest on those electronic deterrent devices, and rat repellent sprays or gel.

I just wanted to protect my car engine from rats the simple and natural way.

As suggested by my car mechanic, I tried placing a couple of those cheap stiff bristle scrub brushes strategically within the car engine.

The purpose is to deter rats from sneaking into the engine area.

Frankly, it is impossible to block all those nooks and crannies within the car engine.

Anyway, this method did not work too.

White Pepper Powder Rat Repellent

Among all the suggestions, one of them is by sprinkling cayenne pepper.

So, I decided to try this out.

Instead of using cayenne pepper, I just use the common white pepper powder, which is readily available from my kitchen.

I just sprinkled randomly on top of the plastic parts of my car engine.

white pepper powder rat repellent

To my surprise, the white pepper powder works like magic dust.

Yes, sprinkling white pepper powder strategically around the car engine keeps those dirty rats or rodents away.

Ever since then, the rodents have stopped sneaking into my car engine.

In short, white pepper powder is a perfect rodent repellent for car engine.

white pepper powder rats

Frankly, I’m not sure using the white pepper powder can prevent rodents or mice getting into your car engine.

But as for me, this method to keep rodents from car engine works wonderfully well.

Those of you who are still seeking for the rat in car engine solution, probably you might like it a try.

This is how I get rid of rodents, mice or rats from getting into my car engine for good.

By the way, I still use the peppermint spray leftover, not for the car engine, but to freshen up the interior of my car instead.