Malaysian Entertainment Scene: Afdlin Shauki Kutuk Rosmah, Then Joins UMNO

Here is a funny news from Malaysian entertainment scene about Afdlin Shauki kutuk Rosmah:

The rotund actor-comedian-director Afdlin Shauki dressed up in Baju Kurung  and wore a huge messy wig a la Rosmah’s famous hairdo. He called himself as Datin Maimun in comedy sketch together with Harun Salim Bachik as Orang Minyak at Maharaja Lawak Mega Final 2011. This comedy duo is known as Boboi.

afdlin kutuk rosmah
Afdlin Kutuk Rosmah

Then recently, Afdlin and Harun decided to join Umno. According to them, by joining UMNO, they hope to get more people to support the Barisan Nasional government.

malaysian entertainment scene
Afdlin Shauki & Harun Bacik Join UMNO

While Harun, who is president of Seniman Malaysia, said that he was motivated to join Umno as it was a good platform for artistes to work hand-in-hand with the Government towards building a better society.

Now, which Afdlin’s act is a joke? As Datin Maimun or supporting UMNO? But anyway, many Malaysians think  both (the kutuk (swipe)  act and political interest) are equally funny. Anyway, watch the video where Afdlin kutuk Rosmah:

Click on the image to play the video. To view in full screen, click on the box next to the word “YouTube”.

[rosmah caricature: zunar/malaysiakini]

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