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Check out this fabulous Jean Hugard illusion book pdf for those of you who are into parlor magic or stage illusion acts.

The title of of this massive conjuring book is “The Magic Annual For 1937: Magic And Illusion By Jean Hugard“.

This 137 page book was published way back in 1937.


Jean Hugard Illusion book

You will find a big collection of tricks and illusions in this book which include: Swallowing A Cigar, Thimble And Trumpet, Impromptu Newspaper Tearing, Hugard’s Bullet Catching, Hindu Fire Eating, Walking Through A String of Beads, Production of Real Cannon Balls, XXth Century Spirit Seance, Cutting A Woman In Half, The Fairy Fountain, and many more fascinating effects.

Free Jean Hugard Illusion Book

Jean Hugard magician

In this free e-book, you can find plenty of classic and innovative magic and illusion effects written in full details.

According to Max Holden who wrote in the introduction, he highlighted that some of the items are new, some are old tricks given a novel twist.

Then there are other effects, although known in a general way, are now published in detail for the first time, for instance the “Hugard Fire Eating Act” and “Hugard’s Bullet Catching Feat“.

Australian magician Jean Hugard was the first to present it with modern day guns at the time.

Jean Hugard Hurt Bullet Catch Trick

Do you know Jean Hugard had a mishap with the bullet catch act once?

According to Milbourne Christopher in his article “The Jean Hugard Story” in The Linking Ring magazine (November 1959 issue) and his book “Magic: A Picture History“, Hugard was wounded on the opening night of his second tour of New Zealand at the Wellington Theatre.

After the firing shots, Jean Hugard noticed red spots on his shirt and felt stinging pain on his chest.

Hugard quickly rushed to his dressing room, ripped open his shirt and using a penknife, pried out several pieces of shot embedded in his flesh.

One of the four riflemen had not only loaded his gun with a bullet, but had also secretly dropped a handful of metal pellets down its barrel.

Jean Hugard story

Magic: A Picture History By Milbourne Christopher
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Jean Hugard Book Illustrations

Nelson C. Hahne Illustrator Magic Books

All these tricks are clearly explained together with illustrations by Nelson C. Hahne.

Nelson Hahne was one of the well-known illustrators of magic books and catalogs.

Nelson C. Hahne Magic Book Illustrator

Hahne also illustrated “The Linking Ring” magazines and covers for the mentalism catalogues of Robert A. Nelson.

Among the many popular magic books illustrated by Nelson Hahne are: “Jean Hugard’s Modern Magic Manual”, “J. B. Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic”, “Thru The Dye Tube” by Harold R. Rice & W. T. Van Zandt and “Practical Mental Effects” by Ted Annemann.

Nelson Hahne Illustrations Magic Books

Check out Nelson’s C. Hahne’s illustrations in Magic Cafe.

Besides doing illustrations, Hahne co-authored magic booklets with Ralph W. Hull and Joe Berg.

By the way, you can find two tricks by Nelson Hahne in this classic magic book filled with 115 well-known professionals and clever amateurs. 193 tricks and routines from all branches of magic.

My Best The Best Tricks From The Best Brains In Magic

My Best: The Best Tricks From The Best Brains In Magic Compiled And Edited By J. G. Thompson Jr.
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Modern Coin Tricks J B Bobo

Modern Coin Magic By J. B. Bobo
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This book by Jean Hugard alone can keep you (particularly amateurs) busy learning and practicing new tricks and moves for a long time.

For those of you who are creative, you can find countless ideas which you can develop into your own stage illusion design.

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Magic Annual For 1937 Jean Hugard

The Magic Annual For 1937: Magic And Illusion
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