Payza Online Payment Processor Is Also Available To Malaysia

Many of you have heard of PayPal. But how many of you know of Payza?

In fact Payza used to be called AlertPay.

It is an international online payment platform; where you can send or receive money safely and quickly to 197 countries in 21 different currencies worldwide with ease and security, without having to share your personal information to others.

payza malaysia

You can use this service to shop online or send payment to family, friends or your foreign freelancers with a click of your mouse.

And the money is directly deposited into the account.

payza malayia
How to Send Money With Payza

1. Click Send Funds.

2. Enter the recipient email address and the amount.

3.  Select the currency and  select your purchase type. (If you are not making any purchase, just type “Other”.)

4.  Confirm the details.

5. Click Send Your Money.

Payza’s state-of-the-art security and built-in intelligent fraud prevention ensure your money, your personal and financial information are securely safe.

Sending and receiving money with Payza is FREE of charge. There is no fee incurred.

In other words, you can make use of Payza to manage payments for your online business around the world.

Payza specializes in e-commerce processing, corporate disbursements, and remittances for individuals and businesses around the world.

As for withdrawal, Payza makes it easy and flexible for your convenience. You can get your money via bank wire, bank transfer, Payza-issued Prepaid Card or checks (U.S. members only).

To add funds, you can do it with bank transfer, bank wire, certified check/money order or credit/debit card.

This e-wallet platform has over 9 million members. Payza is a wholly owned subsidiary of MH Pillars Ltd. of London, England.

It has three types of account:
1. Personal Starter
2. Personal Pro
3. Business

Payza Malaysia

For Malaysians, if you use Payza, there is no fee incurred, except for:

1. Add funds using credit card (3.50%)

2. Withdraw fund via Bank Wire (USD 15.00)

3. Currency conversation foreign exchange (2.500%)

Sign up for a FREE account with “Payza” today and enjoy the convenience and security of this  all-in-one online payment processing services.

Earn money with Payza
Even if you are currently not using its services, you can even make money with its referral program. Each time you refer someone to Payza, you could earn up to $10.00 USD.