The Star Predicted Karnival Sayangi Selangor Visitor Turnout Accurately

Do you know The Star newspaper put the The Mayan End of The World prediction 2012 to shame?

As we have already know that the so-called Doomsday did not come true, as expected.

But the ‘prediction‘ or rather the expectation by the MCA-owned The Star paper about the number of people turning up for the Karnival Sayangi Selangor over the four day period at i-City, Shah Alam was ACCURATELY ‘predicted’.

The news article published on Friday December 28, 2012, says some 500,000 people are expected to throng the Karnival Sayangi Selangor.


the star prediction karniva sayangi selangor

Then today (Wednesday January 2013),  The Star reports the turnout of 500,000 visitors at Karnival Sayangi Selangor.

Precisely half a million or 500,000 people. Not one more or one less.


karnival sayang selangor prediction barisan nasional

I am sure many Malaysians also predicted ACCURATELY that BN state coordinator Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed would make use of  the expected big turnout at Karnival Sayangi Selangor to politicize that many people  are supporting Barisan Nasional.

Malaysians all knew that there will be big crowd at the fair to celebrate New Year’ Eve, mah.

Got chance to tackle seksi awek Melayu, and also got free entertainment some more.

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