Dan Wolfe Through Steel Illusion Explained How It Works

This is the only detailed article about the Dan Wolfe Through Steel illusion explained how the penetration trick is done.

How the magicians could apparently walk through the solid piece of steel plate.

By the way, this magic trick reveal was published earlier in the Ultimate Penetration Frame Secret Revealed post in 2021.

But I have it removed, updated it and republish it here with more detailed explanation.

This one-man illusion called “Thru Steel” is by Dan Wolf of Smoky Mountain Magic.

I would reveal the trick secret behind this penetration effect in details, step-by-step.

This magic trick secret exposure is backed up with pictures, illustrations and video snippets.

As a magic enthusiast, I like to explore how magic tricks and stage illusions are done.

Not just the methods of the tricks, but the science and psychology behind the magic.

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The magician passes the steel plate to the spectators to examine that is one solid piece.

Then he slots the steel plate into the stand, and closes the pair of swinging doors in front.

So the center part of the steel plate is covered, except for the two ends remain in full view.

He steps behind the plate, and his two sides are surrounded with a short curtain.

Now he presses his body against the steel plate, and slowly he appears to melt through it.

He walks out with the swing doors opened, to reveal the steel plate in still across the stand.

It seems the magician walks through the steel plate.

Stepping aside, he pulls the plate out and let the spectators to re-examine it.

Watch magician David Sandy performing the Dan Wolfe Through Steel illusion:

Dan Wolfe Through Steel Illusion Explained

To perform this Thru Steel penetration trick convincingly well, you needs a bit a misdirection.

Misdirection is the technique of diverting people’s attention away from the the method or the secret of the trick.

Some magicians prefer to call it direction, instead of misdirection; because they are actually directing your attention to where they want you to see.

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Dan Wolf Through Steel Illusion Explained
Let’s watch how David Sandy performs the seemingly impossible solid through solid magic trick.

At the onset at 0:20, he points out the two pieces of steel plates at the sides of the stand.

Penetration Magic Trick Secret

Then he opens the pair of doors to reveal the steel plate in the middle of the stand.

Through Steel Plate Smoky Mountain Magic

He wants to convince his audience, it is one continuous piece of steel plate slotted into the stand.

To further highlight it is one complete piece of steel plate, at 0:36 he moves the stand around.

Steel Magic Trick Secret Revealed

The truth is, it is not one entire piece of steel plate, which I would disclose it very soon.

At 0:39, just before he lifts up the steel plate from the stand, he ensures the two doors well opened out.

One Man Penetration Stage Illusion

It is because these two opened doors are there to block the two side steel plates.

Three Individual Steel Plates

The key secret of this penetration stage illusion, is the steel plate.

There are actually three separate pieces of steel plate, as indicated in the picture below.

Walking Through Steel Plate Illusion Secret Revealed

The opened swing doors are actually hiding the pair of narrow steel strips at each side of the stand.

Dan Wolfe Through Steel Illusion Secret

The two side steel strips are already fixed onto the stand, to simulate as the edges of the steel plate.

Dan Wolfe's Penetrate Through Steel Illusion

The Actual Thru Steel Plate Width

On two occasions, you can see the true width of the steel plate.

At 0:40 when magician David Sandy removes it from the stand to show to the audience.

Thru Steel Illusion Revealed

Then again at 0:56 when he slips it back into the stand, just before he performs the penetration trick.

Walks Thru Steel Stage Illusion

Dan Wolf Thru Steel Illusion Swing Door Mechanism

Now, let’s explore the full routine of Dan Wolfe Through Steel illusion explained.

When David Sandy slips in the steel plate into the stand, he is actually inserting it into a slot track.

This slot track on his left side is attached onto the stand with a spring hinge.

On his right side of the stand, there is a L-shaped bracket to withhold the other end of the steel plate.

Steel Penetration Stage Illusion Explained

In other words, the steel plate is movable, and it operates like a swing door.

This is the back-view illustration of the gimmick which holds the steel plate.Through Steel Plate Illusion Secret

One end of the steel plate is fixed to the stand, while the other end is loose, and it can swing inwards.

How To Walk Thru Steel Plate Magic trick

Prevent Steel Plate From Swinging Inwards

That’s why twice during the performance, when Sandy wants to prove it is one solid steel plate, he hits on it lightly.

At the same time, his right hand has to hold onto the loose end of the steel plate, when his left hand strikes on it.

This is to prevent the loose end of the steel plate from swinging inwards.

Go Through Steel Plate Stage Illusion

At 0:28 David Sandy slaps twice slightly onto the steel plate before he performs the penetration illusion.

Again at 1:37, when he has just apparently walked through the solid steel plate.

Walking Through Steel Plate Trick Secret

This is how magician David Sandy performs the Through Steel stage illusion:

At 1:13, when he is talking to the audience, actually he misdirecting their attention way from this secret move.

His left hand is covertly holding onto the loose end of the steel plate.

Walk Through Steel Plate By Dan Wolfe Smokey Mountain Magic

Then he swings in the steel plate with his left hand, as he steps into the center of the stand or prop.

Steel Plate Penetration Magic Trick

As he walks forward, he let go of the swinging steel plate behind him.

It will automatically sways towards his back torso because of the spring hinge.

At 1:16, you can see him adjusting the steel plate which has sprang onto his back.

Steel Penetration Stage Illusion Revealed

As he walks forwards, the hinged steel plate will automatically move along against his back.

By the time he is out from the stand, the steel plate has swung back to its original position.

That’s how David Sandy seems to have walked through the steel plate.

This is how it looks like from the top view, just before he walks out from the stand.

Dan Wolfe Thru Steel Illusion

There you are, the Dan Wolf’s Thru Steel illusion explained how its penetration effect works.

Surprisingly, this walking through the steel plate trick is very popular among many professional magicians too.

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